Packaging Food Contest

Products for Participation

All branded FOOD & BEVERAGES products are eligible for participation for the best packaging award. The products to be evaluated must be in the appropriate condition for testing and their distinctive information must be written out correctly and clearly on the label, i.e. they must be products ready to be sold to the consumer public.


Each judge records a numerical rating on the evaluation sheet, which represents the general sense of Imaging (which weighs the most in the final rating) as well as other criteria, such as the label, bottle or can or other material of packaging, innovation, colors and the general image of the product.

The companies that will be awarded have the right to promote their distinction, by using the award logos. Products are evaluated by each member of the committee. The general rating, on a scale of 100, is the result of the weighted average of the separate ratings.

The award categories are:

  • Label award
  • Product overall image award


a. Marketing strategy

The packaging Awards can support the marketing strategy followed by every Food and Beverage company. They serve as confirmation when you are promoting the superiority of your products to candidate buyers. The well-known truth, that customers buy with their eyes first. The price of the product following after. This is another reason why to participate in the contest since the award logo on the product’s label will help boost your sales.

b. Product differentiation

The awards add validity to the product and increase the brand’s credibility towards traders and consumers. The New York food and beverage Award logo on your product increases your opportunities for finding new customers. It has been proven across the world, that consumers are willing to pay a higher price for an awarded product. Being able to advertise a certified product has a proven positive effect on sales. By winning the award for your products, you are maximizing your marketing actions across the globe.

c. Approval by opinion makers

The Award is a reliable sign of best product, which can be used both in the domestic and the export markets. Graphic design experts are opinion makers and their approval enhances your negotiating power in transactions with distributors, suppliers, and retailers.

Participation Fees

4 products

Participation fee is $520 including max 4 products (or 4 labels) for example: honey, yogurt, olive oil and pasta. If you are participating with more than 4 samples, the fee is $110 (each additional product).

1 product

If you are participating with 1 product the participation fee is $200

How to Participate

You can send your application online by clicking here

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